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De website New Discourses heeft een “Plain-Language Encyclopedia of Social Justice Terminology” opgesteld, met als naam: Translations from the Wokish. Via onderstaande cijfers en letters komt u op de betreffende pagina in de encyclopedie uit:

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Critical Social Justice‘ is niet hetzelfde is als sociale rechtvaardigheid (social justice). Volgens James Lindsay stelt dat het ‘marketen’ van sociale rechtvaardigheid, de manier waarop Critical Social Justice zichzelf promoot, mensen misleidt over de aard van de beweging.

In dit essay genaamd “Language Matters: Why I’m Creating Translations from the Wokish” (2020), legt auteur James Lindsay zijn bedoelingen ervan uit:

“In Translations from the Wokish, I try to dive into the specific Critical Social Justice meanings of familiar words (like criticalracismdiversity, and inclusion), specific academic jargony terms (like hermeneutical injustice, power-knowledge, and positionality), and philosophical or conceptual background terms (like Social JusticeCritical TheoryTheory, poststructuralism, standpoint epistemology, and queer Theory).

My goal with this project is to help people understand these terms as they are used by Critical Social Justice and to illustrate how they come together to form a cohesive worldview and ideology that deserves to have been made into a proper noun: Critical Social Justice. That way, people can see those ideas for what they really are without having to read thousands of pages of scholarly and activist material and then decide for themselves if the Critical Social Justice worldview is something they want to take up—and if it isn’t, it should help them understand it well enough to argue against it.”

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Cheat Sheet

Zie ook deze Social Justice Rhetoric Cheat Sheet van Bruce Gilley, Peter Boghosian & James Lindsay.
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